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North American Fisherman; World Record Ice Walleye; "Video Exclusive of the Tim Geni World Record Ice Walleye" March 2011

Click Here to Watch The Record Being Caught!

FLW Outdoors; Noel Vick; "Step Down Reservoir" Nov. 2010

FLW Outdoors; Buyers Guide; "PK Ridgeline Crankbait" Nov. 2010

FLW Outdoors; Sean Ostruszka; "First Look" July 2010

In Fisherman; New Equipment; "Introduction of the PK Ridgeline Crankbait" April 2009

In Fisherman; Rob Neuman; "Icing Cats in Lakes and Reservoirs" Dec. 2008 pgs. 51 - 54.

In Fisherman
Featured story on Pat's spoons and how he and Dave Bryant of Hammerin Fishing Adventures slay catfish on ice. Pat discusses his techniques for consistently landing big cats on ice. This is one of the few times that Pat, as part of his normal practice, uses live bait as an attractant with his spoons. He also does so when fishing for big macs. He knows the importance of scent with catfish. He tips only with a minnow head ensuring good scent, without deterring the natural action of the spoon.

In Fisherman; Cory Schmidt; "Super Spoon Moves for Walleyes on Ice" Dec. 2008 pgs. 45 - 47.

In this article Jason Mitchell was used as the consultant but they featured Pat's spoons as one of the chosen applications. Great technique on spooning shared by Jason Mitchell.

In Fisherman; Matt Straw; "Rattle or Not , Here Come the Spoons" Aug. Sept. 2008; pgs, 36 - 41.

Pat was used as a consultant for this article. Features PK Spoons with other spoons and discusses Pat's thoughts on the use of rattles among other strategies. Discusses a previous clacker system that Pat has since removed from his spoons. Pat discusses how he has proven that the action of the lure is far more important than the sound. In the end the clackers were negatively affecting the action and became a detriment not a plus. He makes a statement that he has backed up many times, " It's nothing to pull onto a spot and catch 40 walleyes with spoons in a few hours."

In Fisherman; Matt Straw; "Super Slime Time in Lower 48" April May 2008; pgs 70 - 75

Pat again was used as a consultant for this article. This time the discussion surrounds legendary big, bad pike. Discusses how he has popped Pike through the ice using his running and gunning techniques up in Montana and some discussion on a Nebraska lake which can also be productive. Again it shows the broad spectrum of fish that can be caught using his lures.

FLW Outdoors; Dave Csanda; "The Fall Fall, Harvest Moons & Jigging Spoons" Oct. 2007; pgs. 58 - 64.

Discusses spooning techniques and provides a picture of Pat's Spoons on the last page. Pat was used as a consultant for this article.
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