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PK Panic - Firetiger

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The PK Panic is frighteningly effective. While many vertical jigging lures have gone with the trend of adding rattle tubes to their concave sides, rattle tubes offer almost no auditory cues with gentle jigging. In addition, rattle tubes often impair the action of an otherwise excellent lure, and they decrease reflection, compromising sight for sound. The PK Panic addresses these issues by adding two blades to the midjoint of a dense bait that drops quickly into the strike zone. Not only do these blades provide strong auditory cues with both gentle and aggressive jigging as they connect with the lower body of the bait, but the blades induce a swimming motion at the top and bottom of the jigging range with the most subtle of twitches on the line that a rattle tube simply canít produce. The combination of outstanding auditory cues, incremental reflective surfaces, and the subtle motion of the blades is incredibly effective on all species.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 17 January, 2012.

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