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Thanks James!

I finally got out to test out the new predators and first impression is wow!!! December 1st Black Lake NY. The only thing that we fished with was PK's mainly predators. The pink predator was the ticket for the majority of the crappie but we also tested some of the other new colors out as well. We spoke to several other fisherman on ice who did not have the same luck as us. Most said they couldn't get them to bite. The blade on the predator must have triggered a reaction strike from most. When they set there sights on the predator they would hit it and hit it again. Between me and my brother I, we iced around 50 crappie in about 4 hours!!! As you can see from the pics the fish were not light biting these lures they were engulfing them!!! PK Predators are going to rule the ice this season for anyone that gets there hands on them. Thank you guys for this amazing product and keep up the amazing job.

James Pollock
Pk pro staff

Thanks Matt!

I was looking through your site and came across your testimonials. So I thought I really should have done this last year. While fishing the burbot bash at Flaming Gorge I set out one morning to find some lakers and was using the 1\2oz red dot glow flutter fish. I hooked up with this awesome 36in laker after catching 2 smaller pups first all within about 30 minutes of dropping down. Through that weekend I hooked up on a fat 28in and many more pups. My biggest fish thru the ice to date and could not be more confident in the PK's I carry all thru the year. I have had great success with the 1\8oz Flutter Fish for crappie and perch all year long. Thanks again for such great products you guys put out. from Roy, Utah

Matt Zaversnik, Roy UT

Thanks Trevor!

Working in the fishing industry or recreational fishing, I am on the water over 70 days a year and all I have to say is WOW! It seems to me that the family of PK lures are rapidly becoming the most effective lures in my tackle box. I am consistently catching great northern pike, walleye and perch on them. PK's are quickly becoming my favorite lure, hands down one of the greatest ever made! I have had 100 plus days perch fishing, won first place in a fishing derby with a red dot glow and cannot wait to head north and try for some lakers with the larger PK Flutter Fish! Thank you Pk for all the great days on the water!

Trevor Athmer-Watson, SK

Thanks Matt!

Just want to thank PK lures for putting out such a great product!!! My last fishing trip I lost a couple of my "go to" lures, kastmasters to be exact. Had a trip planned up to Antero so I decided I needed to go grab couple more, got to Gander Mtn and seen the PK's sitting in the same isle, I have heard great things about them from my buddy Clint Walker. Picked up a couple of the flutterfish 3/8 oz spoons, from the get go I loved the action, whether it was just ripped straight back in, jigged or jerk pause type retrieve. I think it's great to see a smaller company compete and outdo the competition, I can't wait to start filling my tackle box with more PK products. As you can see in the pics we caught fish and they were ALL caught on the PK's, nothing else we tried caught fish today!

Matt Carlson

The PK spoons are my go-to search lure for giant panfish in winter, and now they are my ultimate go-to for trout and salmon on Lake Michigan! Everyone has had the same old spoons in their boxes for years. This is something the fish have not seen, great spoon with a ton of action. Great casting weight and colors that match the baitfish. Thanks PK!

Jeff Kelm Co-Host Outdoors Radio with Dan Small NAIFC Competitor 2012 USA Ice Team Member

3 5/8" Ridgeline - Thanks Tim Geni!

Well we started the day ice fishing like so many with only one Little twist I had a big supply of PK Lures on the ice. After passing them around to my buddies at least 12 lures. We set up for one of the best days I have ever had on the ice. The PK spoons and Flutter Fish out fished any other Lure out there. Our group of friend ended up catching and releasing several walleye over 8 lbs with a couple close to 10 lbs. At one point I had 5 walleye in less than 15 minutes, as did another angler with me also running the PK Jigging spoon. To say the least all the guys on the water are now hardcore PK users. Hang on guys these lures are going to and are here to make a statement and even More important catch Fish. As Tommy Waldock would say, "One flutter at a time." And remember the one you release today maybe the trophy of Tomorrow. Have a Great Ice fishing season.

Tim Geni PKlures Canadian Rep.

6" Pearl Chartreuse Hologram Ridgeline
Thank You Andrew!

"The thing about kayak fishing is that you can only effectively troll with a single line out at a time. Due to this limitation, you have to know that the lure you are trolling will work. The Ridgeline Crank Bait lures work. Their presentation in the water is unlike any other crank bait i have used. Perfectly waited, i have never hooked my own line on a cast, something i can't say about any other large lures. Retrieval at any speed will not cause it to deviate from its track. Slight pauses in retrieval cause it to arch downwards nose first at a medium rate, then flutter up and away when you start your retrieval again. At a constant rate of speed, I find fish will queue in on it. A few second pause followed by a sudden burst of speed will induce aggressive strikes from any pursuing fish."

"It doesn't take long to realize how much detail has gone into the production of these lures. The holographic pattern, combined with the superb undercoat painting results is a truly awesome lure. Add on two razor sharp steel hooks and you have a product that is almost unfair to use. This lure has been added to my go-to tackle box and I foresee it staying there forever. I highly recommend these lures to anyone who is sick of catching small fish and wants to take home a trophy."

Andrew Zioto

Father and Son Take Their Biggest Walleye ever on the PK Spoon and Flutter Fish

On January 25, 2011 my father (Leonard Potter) and I went ice fishing at Last Mountain Lake. It was a beautiful day with temperatures reaching a balmy -5 Celsius with no wind and lots of sun. It was a great day to be on the ice. The fishing on the other hand was a little tough. I had spoken with friend and fishing buddy Tim Geni the day before and he brought me up to speed on the latest hot spots on the lake. So on his advice we headed out. We fished for several hours and the tulibee (Cisco) were biting, but not much else. I caught one 2 lb walleye close to noon and at 1pm we decided to pack up and head elsewhere. After a brief stop at the family cabin at last Mountain Lake we decided we would end the day at the location Tim and my dad and me had fished a couple weeks earlier.

That is where dad had caught a 12 lb walleye a few weeks before. We got there around 2pm, but again the only thing that was biting was the tulibee. The sun was starting to set and the day was almost done, so I slid into shallower water 22 feet, and bang, caught a tulibee. After a few more minutes I got a real soft, subtle bite, but no fish on the end. Then after a few quick snaps of the rod there she was, dead weight, my hand came up and the rod did not. After only a few seconds I knew I had Fish of a lifetime. I would pull the fish a few feet off the bottom and then it would go right back down. I yelled to dad that I had a good one, and he responded with "probably a dog fish". After a few minutes curiosity finally got the best of him and he came over to see how big this "dog fish" was going to be. After what seemed like an hour, the fish stopped coming up and it wouldn't budge. I looked down the hole and could make out the dorsal fin of a big walleye across the bottom of the hole. I let off the pressure, but the fish just hung there, and then took off for the bottom, we did this three times before I finally saw the head of the fish. By now I was so excited I was vibrating, but the fish was so big that I was having a hard time getting the head into the hole and I didnÕt want to pull to hard as I could see that it was lightly hooked. So, doing what any dedicated fisherman would do I plunged my hand and arm into the frigid waters and was just able to get my finger under the bottom lip and guide the head into the hole. Once the head was in the hole I pulled with the rod and grabbed the gill plate and it was over. I did not even notice that my hand and part of my arm were already going a bit numb because I was too excited. The fish of a lifetime lying in front of me on the ice.

The fish measured 32.5 inches with tail pinch and 19 inches around. I guessed her to be about 13 to 14 lbs. After a few quick photos I dropped her back in a clean hole and after what seemed like hours, but was really about 45 seconds she took off down the hole. What a day!!!! All I can say is Dad and me will be out there again and the fact we both have taken our personal best winter walleye even out doing our personal best summer walleye on the PK Lures this year that speaks for itself. The PK lure will not be far from the end of our lines. And we can wait to try them this summer.

Also we like to use a very small minnow head for the extra attractant but a lot of times do not even use that. Keep in mind as most anglers have found out that you don't want to hinder these spoons from doing the job they were designed to do. And even on real tough days we can still pull quality fish like that. Sorry the Pictures are not that great. But with all the excitement and cold temps we are more happy the fish is Back and healthy. I have learned to always preserve our waters so someone else can enjoy a fish of a lifetime. Thanks Tim for showing me the PK Lures they really do catch BIG Fish.

Josh Potter

On April 16th I had the opportunity to use the PK Ridgeline Crankbait. I understood that the bait had vertical jigging capabilities. I applied this idea by casting the lure from shore over a flooded rocky drop off. My retrieve consisted of lift, pop and drop. I got bon on the drop! I caught a 31" walleye in 41 degree water with a fair amount of daylight left. The color pattern was rainbow, 90 mm size. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to change up or add to their presentations, give the Ridgeline Crankbait a try.

Dean Curry
Denver, Colorado

I have been using PK Spoons with great success for about 2 years. I've caught tons of walleye, perch, smallmouth, and trout with them while fishing Aurora, Cherry Creek, and Chatfield Reservoirs in the Denver Metro area. Whether I'm fishing them vertically, casting them, or trolling them, they always seem to catch fish. I don't think they can be fished wrong. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Donald Broeren

When I go spooning for walleye the first lure I go for is the P.K. spoon. It out-fishes all of my other lures. The P.K. is awesome! This is a must have for any tackle box.

Dennis Wager
Denver, Colorado

I fished all my life and like most fishermen, we are always looking for that special technique, new equipment, new lures or anything that makes catching fish easier. Pat's flutter fish and PK's are deadly for walleye! They work well anytime of the year. Since I have been using Pat’s lures, I never go home or back to camp empty handed. Pat has always been an extremely talented fisherman, so when he developed these lures and how he paints them is a credit to his devotion for catching fish! Pat could be a pro fisherman, but he just wants to share his experience with his friends. He wants everyone who fishes to catch fish easy. These lures will do that for everyone!

Randy Irwin
Cheyenne, Wyoming

FISH ON! That's the word of the day when fishing these spoons. I have fished PK and flutter-fish spoons for the last 8 years. I have caught catfish, crappie, perch, trout, smallmouth bass, and of course walleye – lots and lots of walleye, as they are the fish I target most. I have 3 boxes with assorted sizes and colors. In fact, they are the only spoons that I use. When the fish move deep, it’s time to get out the PK’s and the flutter fish. In the last 2 years alone, from October to ice on, I have boated over 700 walleyes using these spoons. On Dec. 5th, 2007 – my last boating day of the year, 3 of us in my boat caught 106 walleyes and 28 big fat perch. Just a short break for good ice, and it’s time to fish these spoons all winter long. 60 to 80 fish days are a common occurrence on the ice using nothing but the PK or flutter fish spoon. The action of these spoons is different than anything on the market. For more aggressive fish you can rip them 2-3 feet up off the bottom. For less aggressive fish I use an easy 4-6 inch lift and drop. Both of these methods drive the walleye crazy! Get some of these spoons in your box and you too will be saying FISH ON!...A LOT!

Todd Vanover
Cheyenne, WY

I have been using Pat's PK spoons with excellent success for the past 7-8 years. People I tell of my success and confidence in this line wonder if I use a head or the whole minnow to tip the spoon and they don’t believe me when I tell them I use no bait, just the spoon. This line won the Boysen lake ice derby in 2007 and 2nd place in the ling cod class. The walleye was 10 lbs. and the ling was 4.5 lbs.

Robert Moberley
Shoshoni, Wyoming

I just wanted to let you know, I went to Lake McConaughy last weekend and fishing was tough all over. I struggled trolling. This resulted in only a few fish. There are so many shad declining and located down in and on the structure, I began looking for fish without bait near them. This did not work either. I then decided to match the hatch and get in the thick of it with a 1/2 oz. shad painted PK Spoon. Game on! This triggered 5 fish in less than an hour. It was Sunday. I was already late to leave but I had to get a few more fish. The PK spoon saved my pride and my trip.

Steve Gerber
Denver Colorado

Using the “PK” Spoon is like a simple math problem. PK Spoon = Walleye + Catfish + Perch! The Flutterfish works equally well. Keep up the good work!

Daniel Casey
Denver Colorado

My first experience with the PK lure was a shocker. We were ice fishing for Walleye and Catfish at Glendo Reservoir in central Wyoming in February. Several of us were catching Walleyes with different patterns of the PK lure and then we moved into an area where there were large channel catfish. There were more than thirty catfish caught ranging from four to fifteen pounds.

I learned that the PK lure and the Flutter Fish were equally effective with trout and kokanee salmon. I have been regularly fishing with a longtime friend on Eleven mile reservoir West of Denver with good catches of Rainbow trout and kokanee salmon.

I wanted to compare the PK lures and the Flutter Fish with the three lures we regularly used for the trout and salmon. I used two ice rods in ten inch holed drilled six inches apart and jigged with the previously productive lures on the rod in my left hand and with the PK and Flutter Fish on the rod in my right hand. Both rods were jigging lures at the same depth. I fished these 2 set-ups for 3 separate days and was pleased that the Flutter Fish and PK's were so successful. The Rainbows and the salmon really liked two particular Flutter Fish patterns and sizes so I kept using those patterns.

The result was that eighteen fish were caught on the PK and Flutter Fish and 2 were caught on the old stand by's.

My conclusion is that I will be using the PK's and the Flutter Fish from now on.

Dale Hiatt
Denver Colorado

I have taken walleye on the pk spoon in a variety of situations. One of them being jigging deep main lake humps adjacent to river channels. In water 30-40 foot deep I sometimes use 20 pound braid with a 5 foot Section of fluoro leader for sensitivity and strong hook sets. In shallower, clearer water I prefer straight mono or fluorocarbon. For fluoro, 6-10 Pound Seaguar depending on fish size and mood. This spoon has also worked well for me when cast long distances across flats when walleye are in transitional periods. I like to cast the spoon out, let it sink to the bottom and begin snapping it back towards the boat. Ill usually start Out fast and hard and progress to slow and soft depending on what the fish want.The spoon doesnt seem to give me many problems as far as fouling up, so the heavy mono isnt needed in my opinion.

Jeff Hester
Denver, Colorado

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